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We offer a comprehensive array of human resources services including:

  • Workplace assessments
  • Leadership training
  • Strategic planning , business planning, goal-setting and mission statement development
  • Work-specific skills in supervision, and professional sales
  • Team building, alternate dispute resolution and many other areas
  • Human resource planning, staff selection and succession planning
  • Lean manufacturing, plant management and safety training



While much of our work is in The Ottawa Valley, including The City of Ottawa, The City of Pembroke and other centres within Renfrew County, including Arnprior, Petawawa, Deep River and Renfrew, we have many clients throughout Canada.



Our mission is to help people and organizations become the best they can be.

How can we help you do that?

We have solutions and processes that address all aspects relating to the most important pillar in your organization – your people.

You will probably find that the most challenging part is deciding precisely what you need and when the optimal moment for training, coaching, facilitation, or implementation is. Our experienced Associates will gladly assist you in this respect.

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We are open and truthful in word and intent, with no hidden agendas. We are prepared to take the risk of opening up with others on sensitive issues...